pelican 1650This Pelican case is also great for travel.  Like it's smaller sister cases, the Pelican 1650 case is perfect for transporting your camera equipment.  It's retractable handle and rugged wheels make it easy to move around all your gear effortlessly.

The size is good if you have a large selection of gear and need to keep it at your side.  Here are this cases internal dimensions: 28.50" x 17.37" x 10.50"

It comes with foam they call pick and pluck to customize the interior.  This keeps your specific items snug and safe.

Again like the smaller cases, these cases are constructed from high impact Copolymer for amazing protection.  They are water tight and dust proof with an o-ring seal.  They also come with a built in purge valve for fast pressure equalization for altitude or temperature changes.

The pelican 1650 should hold most of your equipment with a piece of mind that everything is more than protected.

For more information on the Pelican 1650 click here.


pelican 1650

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